Badatz Toronto was founded in 2008 under the leadership of Rabbi Amram Assayag and Rabbi Moshe Bensalmon. Both Rabbi Assayag and Rabbi Bensalmon have been involved in kashrut for over twenty five years.

Badatz Toronto is committed to the highest level of kashruth standards. In order for the Badatz to grant kosher certification all ingredients must be under the supervision of a recognized kosher certification agency. Badatz Toronto is an organization of Rabbis who employ field supervisors with the expertise and resources to uphold the laws of kashruth.

Badatz Toronto provides a universally accepted kosher certification that provides kosher certification with the highest level of kashruth standards, business ethics and customer service, making the certification process a positive experience for everyone involved. We take advantage of the latest technologies and software, making it easier to certify businesses, and helping to maintain the strictest standards of Kashruth.

Badatz Toronto is positioned to offer kashruth supervision at very affordable and competitive rates. We kosher certify food companies, industrial food plants, caterers, restaurants and more.



Rabbi Assayag was a member of the COR Rabbinical Council serving on its Vaad Hakashruth, which dealt with many difficult and complex Halachic issues for over twenty five years. He also serves as the Rav of Kehilat Abir Yaakov and is a Dayan of gittin at the Bais Din of Toronto. As the Rav Hamachshir, Rabbi Assayag has the final say on all halachic and kashruth matters.



Rabbi Bensalmon was a senior Mashgiach for the COR and has been the Kashruth Administrator since the inception of Badatz. Over the past twenty five years, the community at large has relied on his kashruth expertise. Throughout his tenure with the COR, Rabbi Bensalmon developed a close relationship with many other kashruth organizations. He created a network of relationships within the kosher food industry and has vast knowledge of the kosher food market and its trends.


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