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  1. Please complete and send in your application forms. You may do this online by filling out the form below. The application asks for information about your company and your plant, as well as a list of the products you want certified, and their ingredients. A Rabbi will be assigned to handle your application and will contact you so that an appointment can be scheduled to review your plant, answer your questions, address your needs and guide you through the certification process.
  2. A Rabbinical Supervisor will visit your plant to asses your operation and the feasibility of certifying your products. The Rabbi will tour your plant and file a written report to Toronto headquarters.
  3. Your application and inspection report will be reviewed by the Rabbinical Council who will advise you whether or not Badatz Toronto can grant certification. In some instances, some modifications may be required for certification to be granted.
  4. Once your application has been approved by the Rabbinical Council, you will be notified in writing as to the conditions of your kosher certification. This will include a fee structure based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the production, the location and the amount of effort necessary to maintain your kosher production. We will then forward a contract to you for your approval.
  5. Badatz Toronto will draft a contract which includes all of the requirements of Badatz Toronto for kosher certification. If acceptable to you, the contract is signed and returned to the Badatz Toronto office, and a letter of certification is sent to you.


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    1. Is the applicant presently certified? * YesNo
    2. Has the applicant ever had kosher certification? * YesNo
    If yes, please state the name of the Kosher Agency:
    3. Please specify the nature/type of product to be certified: *
    4. Has the factory ever handled any of the following:
    Dairy derived materials? * YesNo
    Meat derived materials? * YesNo
    Grape derived materials? * YesNo
    Fish derived materials (including shell food or seafood)? * YesNo
    5. Does a separate part of your factory produce any of the following?
    Dairy derived materials? * YesNo
    Meat derived materials? * YesNo
    Grape derived materials? * YesNo
    Fish derived materials? * YesNo

    6. Is any production subcontracted? * YesNo
    If yes, please give product(s) and location(s) details:

    7. Is any of the packaging subcontracted? * YesNo
    If yes, please give product(s) and location(s) details:

    Products to be certified are produced: *
    9. Is the Certification requested for: *
    Retail Consumer UseInstitutional Pack

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    12. Please give us a brief explanation of the cleaning process. *

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    Please Note: The  symbol is a registered trademark of the Badatz Of Toronto. Its unauthorized use is a violation of trademark laws. Our rights in this regard are enforced to the fullest extent of the law. The  symbol may not be used until a written contract has been executed with the Badatz Of Toronto. The undersigned agrees to pay a one time $500.00 application fee + HST upon approval of this application.

    BDT covenants and agrees that it will not communicate or divulge to, or use the benefit of, any other person, partnership, association, or corporation, any of the trade secrets, formulae, or secret processes, used or employed by the Company in or about its business, that may be communicated to the BDT by virtue of this application. Submission and investigation of this application does not entail any commitment upon the part of the applicant or of the BDT in any way, until agreement for said purpose is duly entered into by both parties.


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